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Established in 2015, Sewanee's Socially Conscious Investment Club (SoCo), is a student run organization that works with the administration in an effort to create transparency within Sewanee's endowment and advocate for it's socially responsible management.


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    Transparent Endowment Management

  • 2

    The adoption of a socially responsible investment strategy 

  • 3

    Protecting our domain by divesting  from investments that harm it

  • 4

    Following the precedent established by the Episcopal Church which called for divestment from socially and environmentally destructive companies and the adoption of a socially responsible investment policy

  • 5

    Recognition of the importance of conscious investment in the face of the on going global climate crisis

  • 6

    Instatement of the guidelines established in the 2013 university issued sustainability masterplan

Mission Statement

The Socially Conscious Investment Club (SoCo), is an organization of students united under the desire to make The University of the South environmentally and socially responsible in their investments. We are taking action to get the University Board of Regents to withdraw investments from companies who engage in socially irresponsible practices and consider alternative investments that reflect the University's core values.

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